Why Stadium Collapse Insurance?

Is this even a question? That rusty pile of crap could collapse at ANY TIME! It's been well documented that this stadium is a crap hole. I mean, look at the image to the right. That twisted beam is the result of shoddy construction and a deliberate attempt from idiotic UCF fans to shake their stadium.  They're not geniuses.

Look... nobody wants to be in Orlando, ever. The only reason why there will be 40k+ at this game is because 20k+ will be USF fans.  Let's be real - the stadium may not hold up.

Why risk dying in the first place? Good question. But if you ARE going, take a moment to protect yourself with a UCF Stadium Collapse Insurance Policy.

It's the SMART thing to do!

"UCF has... an on-campus stadium [that is] a rusted, corroded Erector Set" - Martin Fennelly, Tampa Bay Times